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Fulton County, GA Zoning Districts

Fulton County, Georgia
  • Added 20 Sep 2018

This dataset represents the current zoning districts for the unincorporated parts of Fulton County, Georgia. Zoning is a device of land use planning commonly used by local governments. Through zoning, governments can define common permitted uses, building heights, setbacks and similar characteristics based on geographic zones or districts, thereby segregating land uses and building characteristics believed to incompatible.

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Fulton County, Georgia, political and municipal coundaries, tax parcels, opportunity zone, structural assets, and zoning districts.


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RegionsFulton County

Technical Details

Layer ID 97637
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 2641
Attributes Zoning_Class_Description, ZClass, CaseID, EffDate
Services Vector Query API

Added 20 Sep 2018 ago
Last checked 4 Mar 2021 ago
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