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Lake County, Illinois Tax Parcels

Lake County, Illinois
  • Added 20 Sep 2018
  • Updated 05 Jul 2019

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RegionsLake County

Technical Details

Layer ID 97741
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 278447
Attributes garage_count, NATR_AREA, taxsaleind, FEMA2013_WATER_SQ_FT, lbldg_psqf, ELEM_DIST, USGS_QUAD, MAPPAGEID, floodway_acre, lotareaind, PIN, PHONE, STATE_REP, STATSENNAME, acres, bta_number, forf_prn, INAI, propstatus, HELSOIL, blue_totl, bta_numsuf, bta_suffix, SSA_DIST, STLength, class_desc, bta_city, billed_ind, ZONING, CB_DIST, natrpresbuf_sq_ft, natr_pres_acre, township, fireplace, condition, TOWN, pla_direct, NATR_PRES, levy_name, qual_grade, tx_rateltb, mappd_adid_acre, mappd_lcwi_acre, WATER, tax_code, bta_type, FEMA2013_AH_ACRE, pricesqft1, pricesqft2, usflood_acre, partl_ast, pla_zip, doc_num2, sale_amt2, sale_amt1, pla_city, half_baths, pbldg_psqf, blue_land, COLL_DIST, bta_direct, eq_val_ltb, qual_sale1, qual_sale2, fhmp_buf_acre, ZONERSTRCT, bta_name, CALCACRE, LMWATER, PARK_DIST, btn_busnam, EMAIL, STATE_SEN, MOSQ_DIST, AREA_SQ_FT, inai_buff_sq_ft, bldg_sq_ft, const_type, INSIDE_Y, INSIDE_X, EO, housetypecode, FLOODWAY, RANGE, adid_buff_sq_ft, st_eq_land, WATERSHED, btn_mi, central_air, pla_number, FEMA2013_AE_ACRE, water_sq_ft, bor_totl, inai_sq_ft, usflood_sq_ft, garage_size, liv_sq_ft, FEMA2013_X_SQ_FT, FEMA2013_A_SQ_FT, FEMA2013_A_ACRE, pla_numsuf, fin_lowerlvl, st_eq_bldg, PRIMEAG, HIGH_NAME, eff_year, ADID_BUFF, cirs_buf_acre, multi_bldg, adid_buff_acre, fin_basemnt, FEMA2013_AE_SQ_FT, mappd_adid_sq_ft, pla_type, LIBR_DIST, sale_date1, legdesc1, FIRE_DIST, legdesc3, legdesc2, JAWA_DIST, unit, FEMA2013_FH_SQ_FT, nghbr_desc, primeag_sq_ft, lot_area, MUNI_NAME, housetype, JUDICIAL_SUB, FEMA2013_AH_SQ_FT, SANI_DIST, SECT, inai_acre, bta_untnum, FEMA2013_X_ACRE, adjamtpaid, cirs_buf_sq_ft, mappd_lcwi_sq_ft, bor_land, NATRPRESBUF, pla_name, TIF_DIST, bor_bldg, btn_first, ELEM_NAME, bta_unit, full_baths, nghbr_num, doc_num1, pla_suffix, prefassess, deed_type1, forf_ind, pla_unit, deed_type2, st_eq_totl, inai_buff_acre, CBOARDNAME, blue_bldg, USCONGNAME, ORG, natr_area_sq_ft, basemntsiz, primeag_acre, SUB_BASIN, bta_state, btn_last, natrpresbuf_acre, helsoil_acre, MAPPD_LCWI, HYDRIC, FHMP_BUF, mrktvl_ltb, water_acre, PRECINCT, MAPPD_ADID, lowerlvlsiz, pla_state, SUB_WATERSHED, eff_to_date, bta_zip, pla_untnum, eff_from_date, US_REP, INAI_BUFF, HIGH_DIST, natr_area_acre, FEMA2013_FH_ACRE, helsoil_sq_ft, FPA, natr_pres_sq_ft, sale_date2, fhmp_buf_sq_ft, FEMA2013_WATER_ACRE, ex_amt_ltb, TRCTBLK, forftaxyr, collchrgs, STATREPNAME, year_built, CIRS_BUF, TOWNSHIPNAME, bbldg_psqf, floodway_sq_ft, STArea, prop_class, exempt_ind, USFLOOD, ltb_amt, hydric_sq_ft, hydric_acre
Services Vector Query API


Added20 Sep 2018
Last updated5 Jul 2019
Revisions 3 - Browse all revisions
Current revision Imported on July 5, 2019 from Esri JSON in WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator. 4816 geometries modified to be OGC compliant. Changelog.
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