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The NBI is a collection of information (database) describing the more than 600,000 of the Nation's bridges located on public roads, including Interstate Highways, U.S. highways, State and county roads, as well as publicly-accessible bridges on Federal lands. It presents a State by State summary analysis of the number, location, and general condition of highway bridges within each State.

This layer is a component of MPO Test Map using 10.3.


RegionsDeSoto County, Shelby County

Technical Details

Layer ID 97787
Data type Vector point
Feature count 1376
Attributes Type_of_Service, Pier_Type, Bridge_Roadway_Width, Min_Vert_Clearance_Over_Roadway, Structure_Type_Approach_Spans, Highway_Agency_District, Structure_Number, Permanent_Identifier, Average_Daily_Traffic, Lanes_On_Under_Structure, Direction_of_Traffic, Total_Project_Cost, Source_Data_Description, Scour_Critical_Bridges, Grade, Source_Feature_ID, Wearing_Surface_Protective_System, Source_Dataset_ID, Pier_or_Abutment_Protection, Structrure_Length, Min_Vertical_Underclearance, RuleID_10k, Operating_Rating
Services Vector Query API


Added21 Sep 2018
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Current revision Imported on Sept. 21, 2018 from Esri JSON in NAD83 / Tennessee (ftUS).
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