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This layer is a component of Arlington TX Parks Map Service.

Arlington TX Parks Map Service

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Technical Details

Layer ID 97860
Data type Vector point
Feature count 12444
Attributes TrunkHeight_unit, City, Memorial, YearPlanted, EstimatedOCR, TreeTrimmingType, LocatorAddressNumber, LocationDescription, PredictionGroup, LocatorCity, MunicipalGnds, Parks, CrownDiameter, LastModifiedBy, ParkID, created_user, Height, ScientificName, Location, ConditionGroup, last_edited_date, EstimatedOCI, PruningZone, TrunkDiameter, CrownDiameter_unit, StateValue, LocatorStreet, EstimatedCCI, InspectionDate, TrunkDiameter_unit, Inactive, cgGeoSyncDate, Name1, CriticalityFactor, TotalCost, EntryDate, PrimaryAttachment, cgLastModified, Notes, Description1, IsStump, EnteredBy, LastModifiedbyForestor, TreeGrowthRate, Replaced, PruningPriority, AddressNumber, CurrentInspectionID, TrunkHeight, MemorialTreeNotes, ID, Retired, CrownClass, CrownShape, EstimatedCCR, Jurisdiction, InitialCaliper_unit, Height_unit, Installed, County, TrimmingFrequency, Street, ReplacementCost, InitialCaliper, created_date, ActBefore, Inspector, Type1, last_edited_user
Services Vector Query API

Added 25 Sep 2018 ago
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