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Collin County, TX Parcels

Collin County, Texas
  • Added 25 Sep 2018

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RegionsCollin County

Technical Details

Layer ID 97868
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 328847
Attributes dba_name, parent_blo, situs_st_1, situs_st_2, yr_blt, prop_type, cert_ten_p, cert_imprv, cert_ag_ma, situs_stre, cert_land1, situs_zip, parent_id, deed_dt, curr_ag_ma, Appraisal_District, condo_pct, curr_val_y, zoning, cert_ag_lo, cert_ag_us, abs_subd_1, Shape_ST_1, Shape_ST_2, abs_subdv1, Street_View, school, curr_ag_us, deed_book1, curr_marke, parent_acr, exemptions, curr_ag_lo, SHAPE_STLe, curr_land, PROPID_TXT, percent_co, M_DATE, curr_imp_1, situs_disp, class_cd, curr_land1, created_da, addr_zip, file_as_na, cert_marke, curr_ten_p, curr_appra, ml_deliver, prop_id_1, eff_yr_blt, created_us, state_cd, commercial, Long_Account_Number, SHARED_PRO, cert_land, situs_num, addr_city, legal_desc, OBJECTID_1, deed_book, cert_val_y, udi_parent, PROP_ID, block, SHAPE_STAr, cert_appra, abs_subdv, STLength, land_sqft, Lat, pct_owners, city, legal_acre, property_s, property_u, parent_tra, SHARED_CAD, last_edite, curr_asses, legal_de_1, OBJECTID, Virtual_Earth, deed_type, Long, land_total, cert_imp_1, deed_num, eff_size_a, geo_id, parent_yea, stories, situs_stat, addr_state, DEEDNOTES, last_edi_1, baths, living_are, land_type, GlobalID, STArea, cert_asses, units, tif, prop_creat, confidenti, hood_cd, mapsco, pool, all_entiti, curr_imprv, beds, tract_or_l, situs_city, addr_line1, addr_line2, addr_line3
Services Vector Query API

Added 25 Sep 2018 ago
Last checked 27 Jun 2019 ago
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