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Prince George's County, MD Public Land Inventory

Prince George's County, Maryland
  • Added 27 Sep 2018
  • Updated 19 May 2022

The public land data is mapped to support reporting efforts, as they relate to Sec. 2-111.01. - Sale, lease, or other disposition of County property. of the County Code of Prince George's County, under Subtitle 2 - Administration, Division 2 - County Executive. The data was extracted by exempt class code from SDAT records designated as public lands.  This includes Federal Real Property (Codes 100-190), State owner real property (200-390), County owned (400-590) and Town or Municipality Owned (600-690).     This data was compared to an existing report of public lands from Prince George's county, discrepancies between the two data sources were reviewed and resolved in the most appropriate way possible. Account information is related to individual properties and multiple properties are combined to create a singular site, which would be assigned a unique site ID. Accounts that were located were mapped and joined to the Department's Property_Flattened_Py feature class; accounts that could not be located are flagged in the source Oracle table and not mapped. The feature data and table are used to validate existing public land properties for an annual report generated for Prince George's County Department of the Environment.  Data will be maintained on an annual basis by deriving extracts from the SDAT database and soliciting input from owning agencies.

This layer is a component of Prince George's County Public Lands.

The public land data is mapped to support reporting efforts of Prince George's County. The data was extracted by exempt class code records designated as public lands.



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RegionsPrince George's County

Technical Details

Layer ID 97986
Data type Vector polygon
Feature count 14339
Services Vector Query API

Added 27 Sep 2018 ago
Last checked 20 Jun 2022 ago
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