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Snohomish County, WA Streets

Snohomish County, Washington
  • Added 03 Oct 2018
  • Updated 25 Oct 2018

Street centerlines is a line feature class representing vehicular roads in Snohomish County, Washington. Street centerlines contain address range and emergency response attributes. The street centerlines were developed for the Snohomish County E9-1-1 Office Geofile Build Project, September 2010.

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RegionsSnohomish County

Technical Details

Layer ID 98147
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 39236
Attributes StreetClass, CREATE_DATE, SUFFIX, MaxHeight, PREFIX, COMMENTS, ATTR_EDITOR, RCounty, RHI, ATTR_EDIT_DATE, SOURCE, SurfaceType, SEG, RouteNum, LLO, ONEWAY, SEG_EDIT_DATE, LCounty, ZIPL, Alias2, Alias3, MaxWeight, Pretype, Shape_Length, LHI, Alias, ZIPR, RLO, NAME, L_ESN, MSAG_STREETNAME, LMSAG, CREATOR, MPH, R_ESN, Grade, UniqueID, RMSAG, TYPE, TravelTime, STREETNAME, Shape_STLength
Services Vector Query API


Added3 Oct 2018
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Current revision Imported on Oct. 2, 2018 from Esri JSON in NAD83 / Washington North (ftUS).
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