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Pima County, AZ Building Footprint

City of Tuscon, Arizona
  • Added 04 Oct 2018

Building outlines. Data is a composite between outlines generated by Pictometry corporation and an internal Pima County effort. Layer extent was determined by the union of the FEMA SFHA, Riparian areas and local floodplains excluding most incorporated areas. Outlines were created based on Pictometry 2010, PAG 2008 and PAG 2005 using the best quality imagery available for any area.
Known Errors/Qualifications: Outlines represent roofs of building structures as they appear in ortho photos. Building ground footprint may not match the location, size or shape of the features.
Spatial Domain: Pima County
Rectified: n/a
Maintenance Format: Shape
Primary Source Organization: Pictometry Corporation
Primary Source Date: 20110417
Primary Source Format: Shape
Secondary Source Organization: PCRFCD
Secondary Source Contact: Kenneth Maits
Secondary Source Date: 20110417
GIS Contact: Kenneth Maits

© Pima County Information Technology Department - Geographic Information Systems
201 N Stone Ave., 9th Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701

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Copyright Copyright may apply. Please check the source for more information.
RegionsTucson, Marana

Technical Details

Layer ID 98276
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 46069
Attributes Comment, Shape_Length, PH_YEAR, PARCEL, OBJECTID, Area, SOURCE,
Services Vector Query API

Added 4 Oct 2018 ago
Last checked 4 Mar 2021 ago
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