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  • Added 04 Oct 2018
  • Updated 21 Jun 2019

Displays schools located in Pima County. Designated by school type: public, charter and private; and designated by school class: elementary, middle, high, college and university.
Known Errors/Qualifications: Used Pima County School Superintendent's website ( Verified with US West phone book. New schools positioned using Orthophotos.
Lineage: Moved Cienega HS to correct location - 8/29/06.
Added Empire High School - 10/30/06.
Added Basis Tucson Upper School - 11/02/2006.
Added Corona Foothills Middle School - 11/06/2006.
Moved Davidson Elementary to its new location - 11/07/2006.
Added Anza Trail School - 01/03/2007.
Updated websites - 01/26/07.
Added Lauffler Middle School - 02/07/2007.
Added Ocotillo Ridge Elementary School - 03/07/2007.
Added Tuller High School Learning Center - 04/03/2007.
Moved Sahuarita Primary School away from the address point - 04/05/2007.
Added Calvary Chapel Christian School and St Marks United Methodist Church - 4/17/07.
Added Bonillas Basic Curriculum Magnet School, Eastside Middle School,Tucson Youth Development, Vision Quest,Youth Storefront - 6/1/07.
Removed Ajo Calvary Christian Academy on 740 Rocalla Av - 7/19/07.
Added Nellie P. Covert School 9/14/07.
Shifted the location of Downtown Alternative High School and School for Integrated Academics and Technologies. 11/06/07
Shifted the location and updated the Wildcat School 04/08/08.
Updated web links and tel numbers if they are available from the district web sites. 05/14/08
Updated TUSD admin field based on the list found at 07/22/08
Deleted Admin and Redcross fields from the attribute table. 07/25/08
Added San Fernando Elementary School 10/25/2008
Updated school websites, and added Senita Elementary School and Civano Middle School, and moved point location for schools in Indian Oasis Unified School District -10/29/2008
Added Rincon Vista Middle School 01/06/2010
Updated Empire High School Website. 02/12/2010
Deleted closed TUSD schools and shifted some school points 07/28/2010
Moved Davidson Elem School to 3950 E Paradise Fall Dr. 10/07/2010
Update on website for McCorkle school 06/27/2011
Updates grade for TUSD 07/22/2011
Spatial Domain: Pima County
Rectified: orthophoto98
Maintenance Organization: PC ITD GIS
Maintenance Description: Verify and update school name, address, phone number, district, type, class and parcel number. Place new schools using orthophotos. Updates are received from E911 agencies as well.
Maintenance Frequency: Varies
Maintenance Format: Shape
Primary Source Organization: Pima County School Superintendent
Primary Source Contact: None
Primary Source Document: Excel file
Primary Source Date: 20070531
Primary Source Format: Database
GIS Contact: Kaoru Johansen

MapGuide Layer Name: Schools
MapGuide Scale Range: 0 - 200000

© Pima County Information Technology Department - Geographic Information Systems
201 N Stone Ave., 9th Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701
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RegionsRita Ranch

Technical Details

Layer ID 98278
Data type Vector point
Feature count 369
Services Vector Query API


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