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Fulton County, GA Structural Assets

Fulton County, Georgia
  • Added 11 Oct 2018

The Structural Assets dataset is a geospatial table representing all known structural assets under the ownership or lease of the government of Fulton County, Georgia. A structural asset is defined as any free-standing structure, attached structure with a distinct function, or, in some cases, cluster of inter-related structures. Examples include buildings, communication towers, pump stations, shelters, and leased offices within an office complex. Each asset location is represented by a point in the approximate center of the structure or cluster of structures.

The dataset was initally compiled between May and September of 2011 by field verifying various existing asset listings maintained by the Department of General Service's Land Division. Two field team each consisting of one member of the Land Division and one member of the Department of Information Technology's GIS Division (IT/GIS) visited each site and verified the structure as a county-owned or leased, collected field notes, recorded the location and asset name in the GIS, and photographed the front of the structure.

The dataset includes a number of attributes describing the asset, many of which have been or are in then process of being populated by IT/GIS and the Land Division. On going maintenance is a joint effort between IT/GIS and the Land Division, with IT/GIS responsible for maintaining the attributes that can be easity derived from GIS and the Land Division maintaining the remainder.

© Compiled by the Fulton County Department of Information Technology, GIS Division


RegionsEast Point, College Park

Technical Details

Layer ID 98372
Data type Vector point
Feature count 730 (incl. 3 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes Asset_ID, City, Site_ID, Agency, Parcel_ID, Comments, Fire_Detection_Code, Construction_Year, ADA_Compliance_Code, Latitude, Commission_District, Under_Review, Label, Status, Check_In_Date, Asset_Derelict, Total_Capacity, SiteName, Fire_Protection_Code, Created_By, SqFtPrice, Phone, Ownership, Address, Last_Edit, Instrum_Date, Tax_Assessment_Date, Rentable, Deed_Book_Page, Tax_Value, Public_Building, QC, CreateDate, Longitude, Rentable_Square_Feet, Predetermined_Use, Gross_Square_Feet, State_Code, Asset_Type, Historical_Status, Asset_Name, Surplus, GIS_Update, Editor, GIS_Facility_ID, County, Agency_Contact, Floors, LeaseDate, Flood_Plain, Usable_Square_Feet, Occupied, Zip_Code
Services Vector Query API


Added11 Oct 2018
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Current revision Imported on Oct. 11, 2018 from Esri JSON in NAD83 / Georgia West (ftUS).
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