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Fulton County, GA Future Development Plan 2030

Fulton County, Georgia
  • Added 11 Oct 2018

This dataset represents Character Areas as defined by the 2030 Fulton County Comprehensive Plan. The 2030 Comprehensive Plan is a long-range policy document that makes planning recommendations for the next 20 years. Included in the comprehensive plan is a Future Development Map. The map is intended to paint a picture of what kind of place the community desires to become, including a description of the development patterns to be encouraged within the jurisdiction. These development patterns are defined by characater areas, which are large geographic areas that share a common purpose. Unincorporated South Fulton County is divided into three main character Areas: Neighborhood District, Business District, and Mixed-Use District. Each character area is divided into two or more subareas, each with its unique set of compatible zoning classifications. For more information, see The Fulton County Department of Planning and Community Services at

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Data type Vector multipolygon
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Attributes Land_Uses, Character_Type, Area_Square_Feet, STArea, ORIG_FID, Zoning, Area_Acres, STLength
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