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Arlington, Texas Fire Hydrants

City of Arlington, Texas
  • Added 17 Oct 2018
  • Updated 02 Jul 2019

© City of Arlington Texas


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Technical Details

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Data type Vector point
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Attributes Asset_ID, Moved_To_GPS_Location, Date_Exercised, Document_Folder, ENABLED, AS_Project_No, Stick_No, Installed_Date, ANCILLARYROLE, created_user, Pavement_Type, Latitude, last_edited_date, Has_Isololation_Valve, Distance_to_Valve, Distance_To_Back_Of_Curb, Manufacturer_Code, GPS_Precision, SOURCE, Hydrant_Style, Flush_Program, Project_Name, Y_NAD83, X_NAD83, Plan_Date, Longitude, System, Fire_Hydrant_Type_Code, Fire_Call_Box, ELEVATION, Ownership_Type, EASEMENT, Contract_No, Comment, Manufacturer_Date, Pressure_Plane, Project_No, Project_Bond_No, Contract_Date, Right_Of_Way, Project_Limits, Tie_Down_Type, created_date, UT_GISID, Fire_District, FD_Address, last_edited_user, Acceptance_Date
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