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New Jersey Historic Districts

State of New Jersey
  • Added 18 Oct 2018
  • Updated 18 Oct 2018
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Historic Districts possess a significant concentration, linkage, or continuity of buildings, sites, structures, or objects united historically or aesthetically by plan or physical development. This dataset represents the polygon boundaries of historic districts that: 1. Are National Historic Landmarks, 2. Are included in the New Jersey or National Registers of Historic Places, 3. Have been determined Eligible for inclusion in the registers through federal or state processes administered by the HPO, 4. Have been designated as Local Historic Districts by local government, or 5. Have been identified through cultural resource survey or other documentation on file at the HPO.

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RegionsNew Jersey

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Attributes Survey_HSI_Number, GIS_Digitizing_Staff, Designation_Status, NRIS_ID_Number_NRIS_ID_Number, SHPO_Opinion_Date, Multiple_Property_Listing_Name, Demolished, GLOBALID, Prior_Survey, Survey_Recommendation, SHAPE_Length, Cultural_Resource_Name, National_Register_Criteria_Consideration, SHPO_Inventory_Database_ID_Number, Designation_Status_Update, NJEMS_Project_ID_Surveys, GIS_Digitizing_Source_Code, National_Register_Date, Notes, Survey_ID_Number, NJEMS_Project_ID, NJ_Register_Date, GIS_Digitizing_Status, Local_Designation_Date, GIS_Digiizing_Date, Survey_Date, National_Historic_Landmark_Date, Location_Quality, Buffer_Distance_Feet, National_Register_Criteria, Determination_of_Eligibility_Date, Period_of_Significance_Begin, Multiple_Property_Listing_Format, NJSP_Y_Coordinate, Alternate_Cultural_Resource_Name, Location_Restricted, Survey_Name, HPO_Survey_Database_Resource_ID_Number, Period_of_Significance_End, Survey_Shelf_Code, Certification_of_Eligibility_Date, National_Historic_Landmark, NJSP_X_Coordinate, GIS_Digitizing_Notes, Boundary_Quality
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Added18 Oct 2018
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