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Oklahoma USGS Gauging Stations

State of Oklahoma
  • Added 24 Oct 2018

A Gauging station (site) is a location used by hydrologists or environmental scientists to monitor and test terrestrial bodies of water. This is a map of the USGS Gauging Sites that are located in Oklahoma. These sites are located on all important water sources in Oklahoma, including rivers, creeks, and lakes around the state.

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RegionsOklahoma, Prairie, Pineville Lanagan, Elk River West, Elk River East, Muenster

Technical Details

Layer ID 98592
Data type Vector point
Feature count 181
Attributes City, Station_Number, USGS_Weblink, Longitude, County, Latitude, Station_Name
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Added 24 Oct 2018 ago
Last checked 4 Mar 2021 ago
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