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Portland, Oregon Historic District Boundaries

City of Portland, Oregon
  • Added 24 Oct 2018
  • Updated 03 Jul 2019

© City of Portland, Oregon


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Technical Details

Layer ID 98599
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 19
Attributes SHPO_FORM, RLS_Date, nhlCriteria, GenSurv_Date, archClass1_option, ownershipType, HISTNAME, age_structure, archClass2, SHPO_ID, archClass1, archClass2_desc, acreage, otherNames, strSuffix, township, delete_record_flag, archClass1_desc, primSiding_option, cityID, NR_date_Listed, lotNbr, Y_COORD, histFuntion2_descr, culturalAffiliation, X_COORD, planTypeDescr, roofMaterial, archClass2_option, section, assocAddr, comments, HIST, state, taxLotNbr, NR_Evaluation, architect, signifPerson, signifLevel, clusterName, ACRES, locDescr, vctyFlag, histFunction1_option, range, resource_type, LANDMARKID, circa1, circa2, height, approxAddr_flag, mapNbr, nr_agency, histFunction1_descr, SHAPE_Length, zip, blockNbr, addition, evalDescr, nonContrRscs, criteriaD, RLS_Date1, criteriaA, criteriaB, criteriaC, primSiding, secConstrDate, primConstrDate, NAME, histFunction1, histFunction2, foundationMat2, foundationMat1, critConsid_E, critConsid_D, critConsid_G, critConsid_F, critConsid_A, critConsid_C, critConsid_B, TYPE, nhlException, signifYears, NR_date_Delisted, ILS_Date, secSiding, age_structure2, property_name, strNbrHigh, planTypeCode, strPost, secSiding_descr, evalCode, qtrSection, strPrefix, strNbr, nrNumber, primSiding_descr, county_ID, contrRscs, signifPeriod, builder, signifArea, strName, reasonRemoved, nr_status
Services Vector Query API

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Last checked 19 May 2022 ago
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