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  • Added 28 Nov 2018


RegionsFairburn-Union City

Technical Details

Layer ID 98679
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 7647 (incl. 2 with empty or null geometries)
Attributes Shape_STLe, Paint_Condition, Water_Capacity, Roof_Material, STLength, LandAppr, FeatureID, Number_of_Buildings, OwnerAddr1, LandscapingCondition, Roof_Shape, Parking_Lot_Comments, Landscaping_Comments, TotAppr, Wall_Condition, OwnerAddr2, Parking_Lot, ClassDesc, Taxes_Join, Landscaping, Windows_Comments, LUDesc, Number_of_Above_Ground_Floors, Parking_Lot_Condition, Gas, LUCode, Number_of_Buildings_Comments, Address, ImprAssess, Outside_Wall_Comments, Loading_Dock_Condition, TaxYear_Join, TotAssess, Shape_STAr, LandAcres, Property_Status, Water_Owner, Roof_Gutters, Outside_Wall_Construction, TaxYear, Doors_Comments, Roof_Material_Condition, Roof_Comments, LandAssess, YearBuilt, Number_of_Loading_Docks, Fencing, TaxDist, Sprinklers, Comm_Ind_Inventory, Fencing_Comments, Property_Status_Comments, Doors_Condition, ImprAppr, ClassCode, ParcelID, Power, Windows_Condition, STArea, Number_of_Store_Fronts, Fencing_Condition, Owner, AddrUnit
Services Vector Query API


Added28 Nov 2018
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Current revision Imported on Nov. 28, 2018 from Esri JSON in NAD83 / Georgia West (ftUS). 1 geometry modified to be OGC compliant. Changelog.
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