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Colorado SLB Leases Oil and Gas (Active)

State of Colorado
  • Added 30 Nov 2018
  • Updated 11 Jul 2019


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Technical Details

Layer ID 98734
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 1325
Attributes FAM_ID, Legal_Acres, Legacy_Lease_Number, District, Total_Lease_Acreage, Section, trs_join, Property_Name_2, Beneficiary, Shape_Area_1, Difference_Acres, Related_Asset_Name, Meridian, STLength, Update_Date, Administrator, STArea, Related_Asset_FAM_ID, Lease_Subtype, Lease_Start_Date, NS_INT_I_1, Township, Lease_End_Date, Shape_Length_1, Production_Status, Billing_Item, Lease_Term, Property_Name_1, edit_status, atlas_key_id, GIS_Acres, Lessee_Name, ATLAS_Unique_Lease_ID, Asset_Layer, Range, Lease_Type, rel_asset_name, Shape_Length_12, Section_Acreage, UpdateGeometry, OBJECTID_1, Legal_Description, Internal_ID, ns_int_id, Lease_Status, diff_ac2, Transaction_Type, County, Shape_Area_12, Transaction_Number, Parcel_Comments, Former_ATLAS_Lease_ID, Legal_De_1
Services Vector Query API

Last updated 11 Jul 2019 ago
Last checked 13 Dec 2021 ago
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