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Monmouth County, New Jersey Parcels

Monmouth County, New Jersey
  • Added 04 Dec 2018

This countywide composite of parcels (cadastral) data for Monmouth County represents digitized property boundaries that were developed from best available local and municipal tax maps data. The normalized parcels data are compatible with the New Jersey Department of Treasury MOD-IV system currently used by tax assessors. Stewardship and maintenance of the data continue under the purview of the Monmouth County GIS Office as well as local municipal tax authorities. Parcel attributes were normalized to a standard structure, specified in the New Jersey GIS Parcel Mapping Standard, to store parcel information and provide a PIN (parcel identification number) field common to the PIN that was to be stored in the PAMS (Property Assessment Management System) database to replace the MOD-IV database. Please note that this parcel dataset is not intended for use as tax maps nor for legal purposes. The dataset is intended to provide reasonable representations of parcel boundaries primarily for planning purposes and cartographic representation. Please note cautions when performing a join with this dataset and MOD-IV property records, specifically regarding duplicate and erroneous records. All records may not be provided for in the parcels data or MOD-IV (Tax List Search) tables because of how the data and tables are constructed, or for temporal mismatches. MOD-IV provides for the uniform preparation, maintenance, presentation and storage of property tax information required by the Constitution of the State of New Jersey, New Jersey Statutes and rules promulgated by the Director of Taxation. MOD-IV maintains and updates all assessment records, and produces all statutorily required tax lists. These lists account for all parcels of real property as delineated and identified on each municipality's official tax map, as well as taxable values and descriptive data for each parcel.

© GIS Office, Monmouth County Planning Board, New Jersey.


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Technical Details

Layer ID 98840
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 255174
Attributes DeedPage, Ratio, Taxes1, Zone, CityStateZip, QCODE, DeedBook, BuildingDesc, PAMS_PIN, Taxes4, Taxes3, Taxes2, LOT, Exempt, MUN, BLOCK, LandAssmnt, EPLUse, Updated, GlobalID, OwnersName, MapPage, SqFt, SaleDate, Acreage, EPLInit, NUCode, BuildingAssmnt, Assessed, EPLFurther, PriorQual, PriorLot, Account, OwnersMailingAddress, EPLOwn, MortgageAccount, MUN_NAME, PriorBlock, TypeUse, AdditionalLots, TotalAssmnt, SpTaxCd3, SpTaxCd2, EPLStatute, YrBuilt, SpTaxCd4, Class4Code, SpTaxCd, PropertyClass, BuildingClass, OPRS_Link, EPLFacilityName, PropertyLocation, LandDesc, BankCode, EPLDesc, SalePrice
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Added4 Dec 2018
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