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Monmouth County, New Jersey Roads

Monmouth County, New Jersey
  • Added 04 Dec 2018
  • Updated 26 Jun 2019

The Monmouth County, NJ Addressed Road Centerline contains addressed ranges for the entire county of Monmouth. Data was developed from the April, 2003 aerial flyover. Addresses were attached to the road centerline using tax parcels . The lines have address 'From Left', 'To Left', 'From Right', 'To Right' The method for capturing street address to a road centerline is common and used for many computer dispatch systems and E911 software systems. The data has been continually updated to improve geocoding capabilities for those who need accurate address searching.


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RegionsMonmouth County

Technical Details

Layer ID 98845
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 41774
Attributes FR, SUFFIX, RTETYPE, Overlap, PREFIX, ez_right, HIGHWAYTYP, fz_left, last_edited_date, FL, RD_NAME, ISLEVELFEA, ez_left, TR, PO_L, PO_R, TL, HWY, created_date, ZIP_L, lz_right, CTYRTENUM, ROADCLASS, ALIAS2, ALIAS3, RLEVEL, ALIAS1, MUN_L, REVISIT, MUN_R, RD_NAME911, JOINID, CITYCODE_L, created_user, VEN_L, NAME, STRTENUM, ZIP_R, STATE, fz_right, CGID, TYPE, FULLNAME, CITYCODE_R, FTR_CODE, VEN_R, last_edited_user, lz_left
Services Vector Query API

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