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New Castle County, Delaware Surficial Geology

New Castle County, Delaware
  • Added 07 Dec 2018

This vector data set contains the rock unit polygons for the 1:24,000 scale statewide surficial geology. This layer was constructed by combining the available 1:24,000 scale rock unit polygons from the following Delaware Geological Survey (DGS) published maps: Geologic Map No. 8, Geologic Map of the Milford and Mispillion River Quandrangles: K.W. Ramsey, 1993. Geologic Map No. 10, Bedrock Geologic Map of the Piedmont of Delaware and Adjacent Pennsylvania: W. S. Schenck, M. O. Plank, and L. Srogi, 2000. Geologic Map No. 11, Geologic Map of the Ellendale and Milton Quadrangles, Delaware: K. W. Ramsey, 2001. Geologic Map No. 12, Geologic Map of the Lewes and Cape Henlopen Quadrangles, K.W. Ramsey, 2003. Geologic Map No. 15, Geologic Map of the Georgetown Quadrangle, Delaware: K.W. Ramsey, 2010. Geologic Map No. 16, Geologic Map of the Fairmount and Rehoboth Beach Quadrangles, Delaware: K.W. Ramsey, 2011. Geologic Map No. 17, Geologic Map of the Harbeson Quadrangle, Delaware: K.W. Ramsey and J.L. Tomlinson, 2011. Geologic Map No. 18, Geologic Map of the Bethany Beach and Assawoman Bay Quadrangles, Delaware: K.W. Ramsey and J.L. Tomlinson, 2012. Geologic Map No. 19, Geologic Map of the Frankford and Selbyville Quadrangles, Delaware: J.L. Tomlinson, K.W. Ramsey, and A.S. Andres, 2013. Geologic Map No. 20, Geologic Map of the Millsboro and Whaleysville Quadrangles, Delaware: K.W. Ramsey and J.L. Tomlinson, 2014. Geologic Map No. 21, Geologic Map of the Trap Pond and Pittsville Quadrangles, Delaware: J.L. Tomlinson and K.W. Ramsey, 2014. Geologic Map No. 22, Geologic Map of the Sharptown, Laurel, Hebron, and Delmar Quadrangles, Delaware: K.W. Ramsey and J.L. Tomlinson, 2014. Geologic Map No. 23, Geologic Map of the Seaford West and Seaford East Quadrangles, Delaware: J.L. Tomlinson and K.W. Ramsey, 2015. This statewide digital, 1:24,000 scale surficial geology layer represents the "current thinking" of the DGS and may be diferent than the original geologic interpretations portrayed on the published maps above.

© Delaware Geological Survey Surficial Geology Layer, 2016, version 1.1, 1:24,000 scale



Technical Details

Layer ID 99031
Data type Vector multipolygon
Feature count 7577
Attributes geo_unit_age, description, geo_unit_name
Services Vector Query API


Added7 Dec 2018
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Current revision Imported on Dec. 7, 2018 from Esri JSON in WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator. 22 geometries modified to be OGC compliant. Changelog.
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