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Montgomery County, Texas Census Tracts (2015)

Montgomery County, Texas
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The 2015 Planning Database contains selected 2010 Census and selected 2009-2013 5-year American Community Survey (ACS) estimates. Data are provided at both the census block group and the tract levels of geography. The Planning Database (PDB) assembles a range of housing, demographic, socioeconomic, and census operational data that can be used for survey and census planning. In addition to variables extracted from the census and ACS databases, operational variables include the 2010 Census Mail Return Rate for each block group and tract.

© Montgomery County, TX, US Census Bureau


RegionsMontgomery County

Technical Details

Layer ID 99221
Data type Vector polygon
Feature count 59
Attributes LAND_AREA, URBANIZED_AREA_POP_CEN_2010, AIAN_LAND, URBAN_CLUSTER_POP_CEN_2010, Num_BGs_in_Tract, Tot_Population_CEN_2010, RURAL_POP_CEN_2010, NAMELSAD10, GIDTR_String, Tract, GIDTR, GEOID10
Services Vector Query API


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