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Madison, Wisconsin Sanitary Laterals

City of Madison, Wisconsin
  • Added 29 Jan 2019
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© City of Madison Wisconsin Engineering Dept.


RegionsMadison, Maple Bluff, Shorewood Hills, Worthington Park

Technical Details

Layer ID 99278
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 63394
Attributes Asset_ID, STLength, Date_recorded, Date_modified, Marker_ball_no, Location, Permit_no, Status, parcel_no, Recorded_by, Plug_SAS, Diameter_in, Material, Warranty_date, Marker_ball, Tracer_wire, special_conditions, Modified_by, Year_installed, Year_retired, Connect_to_pvt_main, Plug_main, mslink, Shared_lateral, Plug_PL
Services Vector Query API


Added29 Jan 2019
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Current revision Imported on Jan. 29, 2019 from Esri JSON in WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator.
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