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City of Albuquerque, New Mexico Bike Paths

City of Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Added 28 Mar 2019
  • Updated 10 Apr 2019
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RegionsBernalillo County

Technical Details

Layer ID 99725
Data type Vector multilinestring
Feature count 3935
Attributes OneWayRoad, ProjectFileLink, PoleID, UserLastEdited, UserCreated, BerncoProjNo, Comments, Priority, Source, FederalProjNo, CityProjNo, Path_Width_ft, DateLastEdited, Direction, DataCollectionMethod, ConstructionDrawingLink, LongDistanceFacility, SpecSheetLink, Path_Name, InfrastructureOwner, PostedSpeedLimit_MPH, IntersectionID, ServiceID, PhotoLink, AssetID, StateProjNo, DateCreated, FiftyMileLoop, Path_Type
Services Vector Query API


Added28 Mar 2019
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Current revision Imported on March 28, 2019 from Esri JSON in WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator.
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