Tauranga Metro Network

06 Mar 2012

This data initially appeared on the National Broadband Map. (http//.broadbandmap.govt.nz).

The Taurange Metro Network provide fibre optic connectivity in Tauranga.

Layer ID 4132
Data type Vector linestring
Feature count 63
Services Vector Query API

06 Tauranga 15m DEM (NZSoSDEM v1.0)


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19 Jul 2011

NZSoSDEM v1.0 is a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) covering the whole of New Zealand at a spatial resolution of 15m, created by the School of Surveying by interpolating LINZ topographic vector data.

The DEM was created as a series of 30 maps which extent correspond exactly with the LINZ Topo250 topographic map series. Smaller regions can thus be obtained individually but also fit together seamlessly to create a full countrywide DEM.

The accuracy of this product was comprehensively assessed using a statistically sound selection of 3791 check points throughout the country. The comparison of results with other available country-wide DEM demonstrate an improvement of NZDEM_SoS_v1.0 in terms of quality that comes in addition with a finer spatial resolution.

A full description of the interpolation/assessment process can be found in the attached documentation: Columbus, J.; Sirguey, P. & Tenzer, R. (2011), 'A free, fully assessed 15-m DEM for New Zealand', Survey Quarterly 66, 16-19.

Layer ID 3730
Data type Grid
Resolution 15.000m
Services Raster Query API, data.govt.nz Atom Feed

0.25m GSD RGB orthophotography captured with NZAM's Microsoft Vexcel Digital Camera between December 2006 - March 2007. The positional accuracy of features on the ground is +/- 1m (90% confidence interval). Colour infrared (CIR) imagery was captured concurrently with this project, for more information regarding CIR imagery email support@nzam.com.

Layer ID 1074
Data type Image/Raster
Resolution 0.200m

NZ Ladder Locations


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22 Mar 2010

LINZ Data Service
Up to date data from Land Information New Zealand is available for free from the LINZ Data Service. Visit the LINZ Data Service for the latest version of this layer: data.linz.govt.nz/layer/291

Ladder points layer from the LINZ 1:50,000 NZTopo database.

Definition: A set of steps(rungs) inserted in two uprights to serve as a means of ascending a cliff-face.


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Layer ID 1392
Data type Vector point
Feature count 3
Services Vector Query API