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Transform your siloed geospatial data into integrated wholeness with Koordinates. Share it in the Cloud. Give access to all your workers. Focus on your workers’ safety, not your data. We've got you covered.
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Manage Your Data in the Cloud

  • Share with colleagues and collaborators wherever they are
  • Professional data management
  • No FTP needed
  • Easy to access
  • Secure

It’s Your Data

  • Geospatial-first approach
  • Vendor agnostic
  • All geospatial data - CAD, GIS, etc
  • Manage updates and changes
  • QA changes using drafts and easily publish updates with the push of a button

Companies everywhere trust Koordinates

Using Koordinates allowed us to build our app with geospatial data — without needing to build or support a full GIS stack. There really is no other platform like it.
Joris Besamusca

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We have plans to fit your needs





  • Search, appraise and view all public data in a multi-layer interactive map
  • Export and crop data in all supported file formats and projections
  • View and download private data shared by another user or organisation
  • Use API's and OGC Web Services provided by publishers
  • Create organization accounts

Pro User


Everything in the User plan, plus:

  • 1GB vector/tabular data storage
  • 3GB raster/grid data storage
  • 10,000 tile service requests / month
  • 500 query API requests / month
  • Private and public data settings
  • Import data from ArcGIS REST API & Amazon S3
  • Set & Document support
  • Spatial Query & Admin APIs
  • WMTS tile services




Per user per month plus pay-as-you-go

Everything in the Pro User plan, plus:

  • Organisation users separated from external and collaboration users
  • Advanced permission controls
  • Multiple users with different access roles
  • Import data from CIFS and PostgreSQL
  • User & team management
  • Optional Helpdesk SLAs



Prepaid annually for a 10% discount

Everything in the Team plan, plus:

  • 3rd party auth/SSO
  • Data portal
  • Data Usage Analytics
  • Implementation support
  • Professional services
  • Contract R&D
  • Helpdesk, publishing and consumption SLAs
  • Commercial data sales
  • Advanced user management tools
  • WFS 2.x

Pay for what you use

With our transparent pricing, you only ever pay for the data published and used. For our Pro, Team, and Enterprise customers, metred pricing only kicks in which you exceed the data storage included in your plan.

Ready to get your geospatial data in the cloud?