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Access public and private data

  • Access public and private data of others
  • View in a map, export and crop data in all supported file formats and projections

Pro User

Store and share public and private data

Everything in the User plan, plus:
  • Import, Upload & Share Data
  • Publish API’s and OGC Web Services
  • Use Koordinates Desktop App



Store, share and collaborate on geospatial data via your own branded website


Per Edit Seat per month plus pay-as-you-go

Everything in the Business plan, plus:
  • Branded site
  • Public and private publishing
  • Additional support & services


Store, share and collaborate within and without your enterprise via a branded website


Prepaid annually for a 10% discount

Everything in the Business plan, plus:
  • Data Usage Analytics
  • Professional services
  • Contract R&D
With our transparent pricing, you only pay for data you store and use.
Data Storage
Vector geospatial + tabular
$15.04 / GB / month
Raster + grid geospatial
$0.12 / GB / month
$1.71 / GB / month
Data Usage
Data exports
$1.94 / GB
Document exports
$0.65 / GB
Tile service usage
$1.54 / 10,000 Requests
Query API usage
$1.72 / 10,000 Requests
WFS Usage (with Portal only)
$8.69 / 10,000 Requests
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Pro User
$6 USD
$45 USD per edit seat/month
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Access & View
Browse and access open datasets
View and export data
Access APIs and OGC services
Personalised Map Viewers
Koordinates Desktop App (in Beta )
Import, Upload and Share Data
Publish APIs and OGC services
Pay as you go Pay as you go Pay as you go
User & Group Management
Business & Enterprise
Branded Site
Service Level Agreements & Pro Services
Data Usage Analytics
Azure AD Authentication
On Prem/Private Cloud

What counts as ‘Data Storage’?
Any imported or forked data counts as data stored against your plan. Uploaded data that has not been imported into your Data Management account is not included for billing purposes, nor is data on connected data sources that has not yet been imported.

Can I keep track of how much data I’ve stored in Koordinates?
Yes. You can keep track of your data storage usage in the Data Management billing dashboard.

How does the pricing work?
Our Pro User and Business plans include 1GB vector and 3GB raster storage. If you exceed these caps, you’ll be charged for what you use on a metred basis. The metred pricing has three main components:

  • Seats, charged on a per-user basis (only applicable for the Business plan)
  • Data storage fees, charged on a per GB basis
  • Data usage fees, calculated according to how much your data is being used.

Where can I learn more about the features of Koordinates?
Koordinates is fully documented at Koordinates Help.

What support plans do you offer?
We offer SLA-backed support plans for Business and Enterprise customers. These offer guaranteed response and resolution timeframes for your support tickets.

Can I see a demonstration?
Absolutely. We’d be more than happy to walk you through the features of Koordinates Data Management. Get in touch.

What counts as a Seat under the Business plan?
Generally speaking, as soon as a user has permission to ‘manage data’ within your account, then they will count as a Seat and be charged against your monthly subscription. A user with a Seat can do a range of data and site management tasks, including forking, uploading, publishing, and sharing data. Note that each seat must be a named, individual user.

Users that have no data management role and that do not qualify as Seats are free, and you can have as many of these as you like.

Can I talk to someone?
Absolutely. Simply fill out the form on our contact page and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.

Do you offer account management?
Yes — we offer account management services as part of our support plans for Enterprise customers.

Can you help me load data and get my account set up?
Yes. We offer remote site implementation services and training for Enterprise customers.

How can I pay?
For Pro User and Business plan customers, we only accept payment by credit card. For Enterprise customers, we can provide alternative payment options. Please get in touch to discuss further.