NZTM Sheet Layout 1:10,000


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03 Mar 2010

The NZTopo50 series can be divided into regular sub-tiles at larger scales that will still fit nicely on the ISO paper series A0,A1,A2,A3,A4,A5. Scales that fit nicely are 50000,25000,10000,5000,2000,1000,500,250. The series 1:20,000 does not fit evenly.

The sheets have a two part name, the Topo50 sheet and then a row x column number.
There are 5 x 5 portrait sheets in a Topo50 sheet.
These tiles can be used for aerial photo tile schemes.

Source: generated from an AML written in 1995.

Layer ID 1336
Data type Vector polygon
Feature count 11250
Services Vector Query API