Distributed Version Control for Geospatial

Streamline data management and speed up collaboration with distributed version control for your geospatial data.

Secure your GIS workflow

Escape the inflexible workflows of legacy GIS. With distributed version control, you can manage and distribute data as quickly as code. Accelerate your data updates, review changes from collaborators, and push updates in a transparent and traceable way.

Traceable Data Collaboration
Review, compare, and quickly roll back to any change made since the dataset's creation.
Geospatial Interoperability
Effortlessly bridge proprietary and open-source GIS data with the Koordinates App — accessible by the entire organisation.
Clone, Fork & Merge
Bring the world of Git to your geospatial data. Create a local, offline version of your data — pulling the latest changes — with a click.

Features as powerful as your data


Distributed Version Control for Data
Kart stores geospatial and tabular data in Git, providing version control at the row and cell level.
Branch & Merge
Kart supports multiple independent local branches — create, merge, and delete them in seconds.
Help Documentation
Complete and up-to-date product documentation — including step-by-step workflows and APIs — for all users.
Interoperable With Your Stack
Easily ingest and distribute data to all your existing GIS desktop environments.
Update & Audit Data Changes
Streamline your data updates. Easily review suggested changes from colleagues and collaborators, and push changes from source data with a click.
App & Plugins
Integrate your existing GIS with the Koordinates app and a range of plugins, including QGIS, Kart, and FME.

Koordinates in the field

Case Studies

"Using Koordinates allowed us to build our app with geospatial data — without needing to build or support a full GIS stack. There really is no other platform like it"

Joris Besamusca

Joris Besamusca

Development Manager
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More Use Cases

Enterprise Geospatial
Future proof your architecture with our secure data platform. Koordinates is built on open standards, with integrations into your existing software.
Data Discovery
Speed up projects by making it easy for your team to get the data they need.

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