Christchurch City Building Footprints

Area feature representing coverage of buildings. The data is indicative as it is not complete or maintained on a regularly basis. Christchurch City Council gives no warranty in relation to the data, including its accuracy, reliability and suitability and accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to any loss, damage or other costs relating to the use of any data, any complications, derivative works or modifications of the data.

While the data set is called 'Building Footprints', in reality it actually represents building roof lines. This is because the geometries are not from survey information or building plans, but are captured using aerial photos.

The field 'LastEditDa' is the last edit date of the feature - It is not a date that relates to building consent or creation of the building, so should NOT be used for analysis that requires actual building dates.
The LastEditDa field is updated anytime a footprint is edited, i.e.
10/6/2009: A new footprint is drawn based on the 2007 aerials - its LastEditDa is 10/6/2009.
1/2/2014: The same footprint is edited because the building has been extended - It is based on the 2010 aerials, but LastEditDa is updated to 1/2/2014

*update 29/12/2014: BuildingID (pk) now the same as the source data. (previous versions had been renumbered sequentially starting from 1)


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14 Jul 2015

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