Get more from your GIS investment with secure geospatial storage and sharing in the cloud. No IT required.

Cloud geospatial storage that scales

  • Automatically scale your cloud storage from tens to tens of thousands of datasets – no IT required.
  • Support for large datasets, with 20GB for single vector layers and 2TB+ for single raster and point cloud datasets.
  • Support for documents, attachments, and XML metadata, automatically linked to datasets.

GIS data version control that works

  • QA new data with drafts, then publish updates without changing URLs or disrupting services. Users can access updates using Changesets.
  • Distributed version control built on git with branches and merges, with revisions made explicit on a preview map.
  • Unlike more fragile version control in enterprise GIS, Koordinates version control is robust at scale — with preservation of auditable revisions.

Web-based data management

  • Manage your geospatial data assets from a simple web app. No desktop software, APIs, or third-party software required.
  • Import data and manage updates from your existing sources, including Esri REST APIs, AWS S3, or drag-and-drop uploads.
  • Your data is private by default, and can be shared by project, client, or team. Enterprise SSO supported, including Okta and AzureAD.

Baked-in data transformation

  • Users can export multiple layers at once at their chosen extent, with in-portal queueing, email notifications, and authenticated download URLs.
  • Your data is stored in its original coordinate system, and transformed on-the-fly into map previews, APIs, and many different formats and over 5000 coordinate systems.
  • APIs and web services are auto-provisioned from your data.

Map services and products for your purpose

  • Built-in generation of map tiles and styling for geospatial datasets, including via map API.
  • Generate and host map products connected to their source datasets, like Cloud Optimised Point Cloud previews for LiDAR and vector tiles for vector data.
  • Create and share Map Viewers with user and client groups, along with their constituent datasets and map products.

3D data portal with Esri REST endpoints

  • Your branded portal allows users to view and appraise data on a 3D map — and export it for use in their software.
  • Users can automatically translate data — including point cloud — to the formats they need, including DWG for CAD with automatic coordinate transformation.
  • All data includes agnostic API’s, OGC and Esri REST endpoints and web services out of the box.

Formal data publishing flows and access

  • Self-service access to your geospatial data on your own branded portal, with dataset SEO to aid discovery.
  • Your portal is engineered to perform during bursts of activity up to nation-state-level usage with no downtime.
  • Keep professional users happy with XML metadata, document attachments, and permanent URLs for dataset, web service, and APIs.

APIs, services, and Esri REST endpoints that scale

  • APIs are automatically created against every dataset loaded into Koordinates.
  • Access to web services and APIs is automatically constrained to access controls.
  • APIs and web services are self-service, with users able to manage their own API keys.
Used by geospatial teams from around the world

Public Data on Koordinates

Introducing distributed version control for geospatial data

We’ve brought the version control systems used by software developers to geospatial data.

Say goodbye to messy shared drives and insecure emails. Your team can now edit, manage, and securely distribute GIS data for your projects, maps, and applications.

A green circle with the words ‘edit’, ‘view’, and ‘update’, representing the collaboration features of the Koordinates platform.

Give your existing GIS tools superpowers

Enjoy a fully-featured geospatial platform with our integrations into major GIS applications, including QGIS.

With our integrations, bypass the limits and licensing constraints of your GIS and build on a secure, performant, and interoperable data platform.

The words Koordinates, QGIS, and Esri connected together in a small jigsaw puzzle.

Power your geospatial apps with live data using our APIs

Build geospatial applications, without needing to maintain your own backend systems or enterprise GIS.

Get up and running in minutes, with support for vector, raster, and grid formats, including point cloud data.

An aerial photograph of an urban area surround by green hills, with an insert listing the geospatial datasets displayed.

How it works
A diagram of the capabilities of the Koordinates platform, including collaboration, discovery, data delivery, and version control.A diagram of the capabilities of the Koordinates platform, including collaboration, discovery, data delivery, and version control.
An enterprise-ready geospatial solution
Koordinates is ISO 27001 compliant, with over a decade’s experience in working with enterprise customers in government and the private sector.
BSI ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Certified.

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"Koordinates has been a great strategic partner. They’re incredibly flexible and responsive, and we’ve had an excellent relationship since the beginning."

Damien Cutcliffe

Damien Cutcliffe

Director of Business Development and Growth at WSP
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