Earth’s Data Platform

Koordinates is a geospatial data management platform inspired by cracking GIS data out of vendor silos. You can host, manage, share, publish, access, and build apps, alongside tens of thousands of others.

Collaborative Geospatial Data Management in the Cloud
Consolidate data into one place, fork copies of authoritative datasets, invite collaborators, powerful GIS lite viewer, integrations, and CAD export. No IT or server software required.
Using Koordinates allowed us to build our app with geospatial data — without needing to build or support a full GIS stack. There really is no other platform like it.
Joris Besamusca

Powerful cloud features. No IT required.

One source of truth
Easily import your data to the Koordinates cloud platform from your existing data sources, and apply updates with a click.
GIS map viewer
Preview, QA, and access data with a lite map viewer built in to Koordinates Data Management
Fork public data
Make over 15,000 public datasets your own with data forks, with upstream updates easily applied.
Get data to all your users
Users can export data to their choice of format and projection — including GIS, KML, and CAD — or access data via API.
Data Portals for Mapping Agencies
Your own search engine optimised and branded Data Portal, at your domain, with your data, connected to your business systems, and controlled by your staff. No software or IT required.
Trusted businesses and organizations use Koordinates
Koordinates is a world-leading product. No other platform that we’ve seen can actually do what Koordinates does. This is the best geospatial data platform in the world, and we feel lucky to have worked with Koordinates so closely over the years.
Jan Pierce
Deputy Chief Executive Location Information
Land Information New Zealand
Enterprise Data Management & Data Publishing
Koordinates has over a decade of experience working with enterprise customers. We support enterprise scale datasets, SLA’s, Azure AD connect, Online Helpdesk, Professional Services & more.

We take your security, privacy and data ownership seriously

Your data and business information is your intellectual property
Enterprise access controls and authentication
No transfer of customer or user information to third parties
Secure cloud infrastructure and backup polices in place
Strong terms of use and privacy policy protections
Advanced data licensing and data usage tracking