An open-source project bringing the benefits of distributed version-control to geospatial and tabular data.

Distributed Version Control for Data

Koordinates offers version control for geospatial and tabular data using Kart, our open source project built on Git.

  • Using Kart, Koordinates stores geospatial and tabular data in Git, providing version control at the row and cell level.

  • Unlike other distributed data solutions, Kart isn’t inspired by Git — it’s built on Git, taking advantage of an established open source project.
Built on Git, Works Like Git

If you know Git, you'll feel right at home with Kart. (And if you don't, we make it easy with our Desktop App.)

  • Kart uses Uses standard Git repositories and Git-like CLI commands.

  • Kart operations are performed locally — a huge advantage over server-based systems.
Supports GIS Workflows

Kart works seamlessly with your existing geospatial workflows and technology stack.

  • Kart provides repository working copies as GIS databases and files.

  • Anyone can edit data directly in common GIS software, without plugins.

How it works

Clone Data
Keep a local copy of authoritative cloud-based data, up to date for you and your geospatial team.
Branch & Merge
Kart supports multiple independent local branches — create, merge, and delete them in seconds.
Traceable Data Collaboration
Review, compare, and quickly roll back to any change made since the dataset's creation.
Help Documentation
Complete and up-to-date product documentation — including step-by-step workflows and APIs — for all users.

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