Find, share and use our planet’s authoritative geospatial data, on one intelligent platform.

Get all the data you need in one place

Too often, geospatial data management is messy — and expensive. With Koordinates Data Management, consolidate the data you need into one cloud platform.

Drag-and-drop upload or connect sources, including ArcGIS REST APIs, Amazon S3, & PostgreSQL.

Fork and filter public datasets on our platform and automatically receive updates.

Create forked copies of data shared with you by colleagues and collaborators.

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Make your data fit-for-purpose

You don’t need a GIS to tailor your geospatial data to real-world people and projects. Our built-in tools mean you can process data — and even create new data products — from within Koordinates Data Management.

Join two or more vector or tabular datasets to create new data products.

Apply spatial filters to forked or imported data, and edit and remove attribute columns

Create new geospatial layers from imported tabular data, such as CSVs.

Share across teams and organisations — securely

Say goodbye to sharing data on static web pages, FTP servers, email, or thumb drives. It’s time to share your geospatial data on a geospatial-first platform.

Detailed permissions ensure only specified individuals, teams, or organisations can access your data.

Custom licensing, data drafts and metadata support, for professional data sharing.

Allow collaborators to preview, export, or fork and filter data into their own Koordinates account.

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Build applications with geospatial data

Want to build an app but don’t want to maintain an entire geospatial stack? Koordinates handles the complexity of geospatial data management, allowing you to get started on your app in minutes.

Build with Query APIs and WMTS tile services — automatically created against every layer.

Control the appearance of your data with cartographic styles powered by CartoCSS.

Fork data from over 15,000 public layers to increase the value of your application.

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