Data Discovery

Speed up projects by making it easy for your team to get the data they need.

No more hidden data.

Too often an organisation's data is lost, hidden or locked away, slowing down projects and decision-making. With Koordinates, your team can easily find all their data — in the formats, projections, and APIs they need to do their work.

A World of Data
Find and clone over 20,000 public datasets with a click — alongside your own private data — with updates from source applied automatically.
Powerful Search
Find, assess, and access the data you need, with powerful filters and rich data sheets.
Secure Access Management
Complete control over who can view, access, or manage your data —  from completely private and secure to openly licensed for the world.



Search Engine Optimisation
Get your data found by the right audience with Koordinates' best-in-class geospatial SEO.
Data Browser
Find, access, and analyse all your data — personal, organisational, and public — from one source of truth.
Map Viewer
Visualise, query, and share your data in a dynamic map viewer. Simply add data to the map and share with a click.
Discover APIs, History & Metadata
Quickly review and understand API availability, update history and metadata.
Visualise Data
Layer multiple datasets onto a basemap with a click — and then share with colleagues, collaborators, or the public.
Spatial Query
Answer data queries with a click of the map, allowing non-technical collaborators to easily get value from geospatial data assets.


Koordinates in the field

"Using Koordinates allowed us to build our app with geospatial data — without needing to build or support a full GIS stack. There really is no other platform like it"

Joris Besamusca

Joris Besamusca

Development Manager